Transformational breathing a healing practice of surrender!

In Ibiza transformational breathing sessions have really taken off. My friend Rebecca Hummingbird has been a teacher for 10 years so she was the perfect person for me to go to for my first session. I have been thinking about it for so long and March seemed like the perfect time with spring equinox & the fact that I was doing a 30 day cleanse.

What is transformational breathing and why do it?

Transformational Breath® was developed by Dr Judith Kravitz. Incorporating her knowledge of conscious breathing techniques and various other healing and spiritual principles, Transformational Breath® is a highly efficient and effective technique that has been used and found beneficial by many thousands of people world-wide for over thirty years.

Transformational breathing is a simple & powerful self healing tool to help you open up to your full potential increasing your physical & emotional well being. 95% of people use only 50 % of their breathing capacity! Thus causing stress, anxiety and dis-ease on a physical and mental level. Benefits of Transformational breathing include increased energy, better immune response, increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way amongst many others!

I decided to commit to a three practices throughout the month of March to get a really good overview of what it felt like. So here is my personal story for you;

There were five of us in the group and Rebecca led us to a beautiful spot in the forest. We started with meditation and sharing of our intentions and then we laid down with some nice warm blankets and Becks started to guide us with the circular breath, it´s a deep inhale then a release and then again breathing via the mouth.

I knew I had a lot to let go of a lot but boy did it come and making strange noises (toning Rebecca calls it) really helped the stuck energy to release.

Rebecca´s style is unique as she also applies some pressure in the body where she feels tension arising. For me there were certain points that she pushed where I felt a lot of pain my womb being one of them. I knew my womb would be tender because of the trauma I have stored over the years.

When we heal we are not just healing us we are healing our family and our ancestral pain too and I could feel lots of my healing is ancestral.

I had a massive release when she pressed my right shoulder and I could feel so much grief releasing from my body I sobbed and sobbed like I have never cried before. The combination of the pressure and the breathing was so intense. I felt so much pain and grief leaving my body . I felt so much lighter afterwards and had to just take time to be alone and digest.

The following week we did it again and it felt so different. This time when Rebecca pushed on my womb it did not hurt and my shoulder was ok but this time my throat and jaw was so intense felt massive releases and this is where my mum recently had had cancer in her jaw and I feel this was connected to her healing.

Yesterday I did my final session for the month and again it was so different. I still had a lot of pain to release but I had strong feelings of transcending my body and seeing lots of beautiful colours. I lost all sense of time but then came back to my body feeling so good. When we shared everyone had such different experiences and every week has been such a different journey.

I feel so grateful to have tried this form of healing and so relieved that this pain is now out of my body. I am going to continue as I still feel there is so much healing to be done.

Rebecca’s mission is to guide as many people as possible to live their true and highest potential on this earth.

“Your Breath being the key to opening the door into infinite possibilities that lives within you”

Rebecca Hummingbird offers 121

in person & zoom sessions

contact below;

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