The Power Of Meditation

Meditation can help us in so many ways and there are so many different styles out there for us to try. We don’t just have to sit still in a lotus pose and be totally quiet to meditate. We can do a walking meditation can listen to a guided meditation we can use an app and just focus on the breath for a couple of minutes.

For many years I battled depression and anxiety and my mediation practice has helped me so much. There is no magic wand to getting rid of A&, they are always with you, but the cultivation of regular meditation as part of a healthy lifestyle combined with the daily use of essential oils has helped me so much.

In this blog, I will share 10 benefits of meditation to inspire you to give it a go! Meditation is calming and creates inner peace;

1. Meditation helps you to observe your thoughts and start to be conscious of them. It´s normal for us to think negatively but if we always think negatively then problems set it and these thoughts become who we are. Just to notice is so powerful and meditation helps us to do this every day.

2. Meditation gives us more clarity and helps us to focus and prioritize what it is important.(study at Columbia university medical center found that meditation can change the structure of the brain)

3. Meditation helps to cultivate gratitude which raises our vibration and makes us healthier and happier humans.

4. Meditation lowers heart rate and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress (in the US its thought that more that 75 percent of visits are stress-related ailments)

5. Meditation can help you to manage pain as it uses the neural pathways that make the brain sensitive to pain and increases the use of the brains own pain reducing opioids.

6. Mediation can help with sleep as it can help to quiet the busy mind and calm you down before bed. Yoga nidra (yoga sleep) is a powerful tool and relaxes brainwave activity to produce deep relaxation.

7. Mediation can improve immune function, when you are being present in mindfulness mediation your body responds by calming down to allow it do what it is supposed to do in the rest and relax (parasympathetic state)

8. Meditation makes you happier as it increases your levels of feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins and it helps you get into a more positive state of mind.

9. Meditation helps you get more creative and open your mind to new ways of seeing things (recent study in the Science news)

10. Meditation helps you get your glow back as it boosts serotonin that makes us happier and can also help with skin conditions so you will glow both inside and out!

Combining essential oils with our medication practice really helps us enter into a much deeper state of relaxation. My top three mediation oils are Lavender, Frankincense and Balance. I inhale before starting or apply to my feet daily before my practice. If you would like more guidance on doterra oils please reach out to me and I can support you.

If you would like to get started with mediation but are not sure where to begin, then maybe I can help you too. In April I ran 7 days of a curated meditation on my FB group Kate´s Yoga Tribe. We explored some of the styles that I have tried and like. I have created a GUIDE on my group so check it out and let me know what style best suits you and your life?

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