Spring Equinox - The Perfect Time To Cleanse

Spring Equinox occurs on the 20th or 21st March depending on where you are in the world. It signifies the time when days and night are approximatley equal. A time for re-birth, for renewing and for honouring both the lightness and the dark within. A potent time to appreciate what we have, invite in more balance, and let go of what we no longer need. If you have been wanting to make changes. Then this is the time to do it, it's the perfect time for a cleanse.

Here are 10 reasons to inspire you to get cleansing this Spring....

1.Reduce toxicity

No matter how healthy we are toxicity builds up in the body. It's in the air we breathe (pollution), the sun (radiation), pesticides on our food, toxins in skincare and even our furniture and the clothes we wear contain toxins – All of these build up in the body which is known as 'toxic load' so its key to deep clean your body.

2. Glowing skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs 60% of what we put on it. It is key to switch to natural products that are toxin free. However, the real glow comes from within gut health is key to clearing up skin issues.

3. More energy

If you have been struggling with your energy then this could be a time to try something new. Often when we reduce or eliminate stimulants our blood sugar become more stable, we sleep better and ultimately have more energy.

4. Lose excess weight

Toxins live in our fat cells and this can cause weight gain, If you are working with stubborn weight or insulin resistance then a cleanse could be what you need. It can also reset you mentally to give you that boost to implement different ways of eating too.

5. Hormone balance

Flooding the body with lots of healthy organic foods helps to balance our hormones. By nourishing your body with healthy food and lots of water you are supporting the body to get back into balance and release excess estrogen metabolites that the liver can't process. its like a fresh start for your hormones.

5 Brain Fog and memory

The glymphatic system refers to the blood vessels that clear waste from the brain, it is believed that toxic exposure can effect our brain. Eating a healthy diet that reduces inflammation can help significantly.

6. Sleep

Sleep is a huge issue for so many of us. When we don't sleep our body produces hormones that make us hungrier. Bad sleep effects almost every bodily system and a cleanse is a time to address what could be effecting our sleep and reduce it. Gut health has a massive impact on sleep so taking steps to re balance the gut can make a big difference.

7. Boost immunity and digestion

70% of our immunity is in the gut. Nurtering our gut with healthy foods and probiotics supports digestive issues.

8. Supports our emotions

Our gut is our second brain and massively effects the way we feel. Gut health has been linked to depression so looking after our gut is key to feeling happy.

8. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can lead to disease in the body drinking lots of water,eating lots of fruit and vegetables and moving our body are simple ways you can reduce inflammation.

9. Spring clean your home

Cleaning your home is a element to cleansing. Most of us have so many clothes we no longer wear or things in the home we don't need. Spring is the perfect time to have a sort out and give old things to charity.

10. Strengthen your mind

Cleansing is great for the mind. It reminds us of the discipline and self control we have to overcome cravings and it also teaches us to be more humble and think of those of have less than we have. It helps us to gain more clarity of own lives and what is important to us without the distractions of food.

There are many cleanses out there to chose from, it can be overwhelming! but it's worth finding the right cleanse for you and committing to it for your health.

We run a 30 day community cleanse twice a year, in March and October. If you would like to know more or join please reach outand we will share more information with you.

Happy Spring Equinox,

Kate x


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