Navigating Perimenopause Positively!

Lets talk perimenopause!

I have been experiencing perimenopause symptoms for a few years now but over the last few months the symptoms have definitely got worse.

However, this month is the first month in five months that I have had a normal period & am feeling like I have my Mojo back. So I wanted to share what I have changed maybe it will help you too.

Firstly, what is Perimenopause? It is the period of time leading up to full menopause. Full menopause is when you have not had a period for one year.

Perimenopause can go on for many years and I did not realise what a grey area it was until I started having symptoms. There is not a clear definition of PM which can be frustrating.

What is happening in your body is a little erratic too with hormones being up and down. Some typical symptoms can be decline in periods, heavy periods, mood swings, sleep disturbances, weight gain, aches and pains, bloating.

Here are my five tips for YOU!;

1. Nutrition is key I started 21 day hormone make over program (in book Dr Marizer Snyder Essential Oils Menopause Solution) I have found has helped me massively. In summary, I had to cut out all inflammatory foods, including all gluten and anything cross contaminated with it. Red meat, alcohol, sugar and coffee too (herbal allowed) I could however have sweet potatoes and butternut squash (thank good). The makeover included lots of good fats and proteins which are crucial to balance hormones.

2. Supplementation is key even if you have a fabulous diet it is good to top up with supplements. I take the doterra lifelong vitality pack which I swear by for energy and vitality and have been taking for a long time now. I also take digestive enzymes and probiotics as they help boost digestion if I feel I need them.

3. Hydration is so important, I start my day with a pint of warm lemon water and try to drink loads of water throughout the day. As we age our ability to conserve water and even the sensation of thirst decline so its even more important to remember to drink more and monitor how much you are drinking.

4. Intermittent fasting has helped me with my stubborn belly fat. Its not for everyone so please do your research if you are highly stressed or underweight then it may not been for you or if you have underlying health issues too. All the research I have done also states you should not do it the week before your period but you can do it during your period. I would recommend you feel into it and look into the different types and start slowly and build up. I do 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours or eating but around my period I do tend to take this down a little.

5. A daily sweat has really helped me feel more balanced. I practise yoga most days but since starting my hormone protocol I have mixed it up and have been adding a daily 20 minute sweat. I get restless legs at night and find that if I skip this they are bad at night (also connected to my hormones) Resistance training and weight training are so important to load our bones as we age.

it goes without saying that daily yoga & meditation combined with integrating essential oils into your daily routine is a must! I am actually training in hormone yoga & perimenopause yoga and excited to share with you all.

If you would like to know more about which oils & supplements can support you with perimenopause. I would love to offer you a free wellness consultation so lets chat.

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