Moving From Division to Love.

In these last couple of months, the division between those who are vaccinated and those who are not, has definitely become stronger.

There is a feeling that if you are vaccinated then you are doing your bit and if you are not, you are seen as irresponsible. If you express an opinion that is sceptical then you are branded an anti-vaxxer.

Some of my friends can’t even see their families as they are not vaccinated and some people are just so filled with fear they are still not going out. This is not right.

There is no doubt the world has changed. Now is the time to stay true to our hearts, trust in the truth and follow our own intuition & not be coerced into something that is not aligned.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay connected & aligned to love;

1. Tell your family you love and accept them and whatever they chose makes no difference & leave the vaccination discussion at the door.

2. Have a cuddle with your loved one/partner or pooch as cuddles and love trigger the love hormone Oxytocin when we flood the body with Oxytocin our immune system is boosted.

3. Open your mind to other opinions and ways of seeing this current situation. Don’t believe all you see. There are many valid opinions out there so curate your own content.

4. You cannot change anyone but yourself. All you can do is keep yourself healthy and well and by optimizing your health you are doing your bit.

5. Meditate every day even if only for a couple of minutes to reduces stress & connect to spirit I recommend a hand on heart & a hand on belly to connect to your heart.

6. Explore breathwork & try different breathing methods (Pranayama, Wim hof Somatic etc) seek a style that you like. This will help your release stress and increase your lung capacity & open your heart too!

7. Give yourself a gift of massage/acupuncture/reflexology this act of self-love will leave you feeling so good and make you happy.

8. Use essential oils every day I recommend rose the oil of divine love (highest vibrating oil in the world) or Geranium the oil of love & trust or Frankincense the oil of truth. Essential oils have powerful physical and emotional benefits & now more than ever we need to use as part of our daily routine to raise our vibration.

9. Connect to nature & walk barefoot. Forest bathing has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. We are nature and nature has the power to heal all.

10. Be grateful every day for at least three things and write them down, this little act raises your vibration.

This month I will be offering a couple of donation-based classes based on the theme of raising your vibration.

1. A yoga breath-work & meditation session on zoom on Sunday 8th August at 10:30 Spain & 9:30 UK (1 hour)

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2. Essential oils for immunity class on Wednesday 11th 8:30pm Spain & 7:30 Uk (1 hour)

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Please register to reserve your spot.

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