Is Stress Effecting Your Hormones?

Do you wake up feeling like you need more sleep, do you struggle with brain fog, is energy something you need more of!

Then read on as Cortisol also known as the stress hormone could be something you need to learn more about!

Stress comes in many forms physical stress, trauma, emotional stress, feeling overwhelmed, and anxious. Our bodies are made to handle and recover from stress it's part of being a human, but what we are not designed for is chronic stress this floods the body and this effects us in a big way and one of those ways is hormone imbalance.

When we get stressed we release a hormone called Cortisol, it literally floods the body and in many instances plays a crucial role in survival.

Sometimes it is referred to as the fight or flight hormone. It is wonderful that we have this hormone to literally get us out of bed in the morning and get our shit done but if it's running all the time then problems start to occur.

Hormonal imbalance effects so many of us in whatever life stage. I have struggled for most of my life but I assumed all of my symptoms were connected with my periods and reproductive system. When I started to struggle with waking up in the morning and feeling that wired and tired feeling daily, I had no idea this could be connected to my hormones.

So what was happening to make me not get up in the morning? If we have too much Cortisol our cells become insulin resistant. This means the natural role of Cortisol to wake you in the morning and falling in the evening to help you sleep is off.

Here are five things you can implement to support your hormones!

· Look at your diet and cut out processed food (I am on Dr Mariza Snyder´s 21 day hormone make over protocol)

· Also look at supplementing your diet (I recommend the doterra lifelong vitality and evening primrose daily)

· Sleep is key to happy hormones so look at your bedtime routine maybe introduce a diffuser into your room and make a little roller with sleepy oils (Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver are my go to bedtime oils)

· Create a morning practise which includes moving your body and meditation

· Use essential oils daily they help us manage stress. Have some pre-blended rollers in your bag and use when you are feeling stressed.

If you are effected by this subject and want to connect please message me & if you are interested to learn. We are running an Online Womens Health Summit on 11th & 12th June.

I will be diving deeper into the subject of stress and hormones and we will be covering many of the key areas that need to be addressed for optimum health - including, sleep, toxicity & using clean beauty products. Immunity and much more. We will also be offering restorative yoga,daily mediation and even a guided womb meditation.

If you would like to know more please click below and get your early bird ticket up until the 4th June.

thank you for reading

big love


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