Five Tips For A Consistent Yoga Practise

In this blog I will share some of the issues and blocks I have faced in my years of practicing yoga and share my five top tips for being consistent in your practise.

When I first started doing yoga, over twenty years ago now. I practised all the time. Then as life got busier and I had to wake up early to commute and work full time job. It become harder to commit to daily ninety minute practise.

Becoming a teacher, i found I would often be sacrificing my morning practise to teach my students.

I used to be so hard on myself for not practicing. It took my years to realise that you can be consistent and practise most days but you have to find a way that works for you. Way back when I trained, the online yoga forum was not what it was now. It was all about 60 or 90 minute classes at studios but now yoga has changed so much and it is easy for us all to have a consistent daily practise.

Now we can find amazing 20/30/40 minute classes and 5 & 10 minute meditations that can be so powerful and make consistency much easier to achieve.

Here are my five tips for being consistent and showing up on your mat!

· Get your leggings and yoga outfit out and place it on top of your yoga mat the night before if you practise at home then roll the mat out so it´s there when you wake.

· Find your WHY in yoga, what are you doing this for? Make your practice bigger than you (even dedicate it to someone you love or who needs support)

· Don´t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you have not practised for a while start slowly, find a 10 minute class and ease in, you are more likely to fail if you aim to high.

· Schedule your practise in your diary and you are more likely to stick to it

· Mix your practise up a little. Investigate some new morning meditations, try yoga nidra before bed, or maybe if you have had a hard day find a restorative practise and snuggle into that post work. Don´t get stuck in one style, it is all yoga and often we need to nurture and nourish in winter.

Remember be kind to yourself. There are times when its freezing cold and your alarm goes off and the snooze wins...this is fine it´s life. If this does happen just try and get back in the flow later in the day or the next day and honour how you feel.

Cultivating a practise takes time to become a daily habit but you will get there.

If you would like to connect with me and do some yoga I have free classes on my yoga community (Kate‘s yoga tribe

Please reach out to me and follow me on social media under my new brand name yogaloveoils.

Big love

Kate 🌸


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