Five practices to help you get unstuck!

´Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong´ Mandy Hale

Have you felt stuck? Do you feel stuck right now?

Before I made the move to Ibiza I often used to feel like an actor playing the role of my life..On the surface it was great, I earned well I had a lovely home and car.

The reality was I was not happy and deep down I knew I wanted more from my life...but had no idea how I could ever make the changes in my life. I was stuck in a life that I did not want to be in!

Maybe you have the desire to move forward but feel blocked by feelings of self doubt and you end up staying in the status quo but not being truly happy.

The good news is we have all been there, it can be so uncomfortable sitting with the feelings. You want me make change but you feel stuck. The good news is so many practices can support us when we are feeling like this and help us to realise our true purpose and go out there and get it.

In this blog I will give you five tips that can help you feel unstuck!

1. Connect to your breath and just sit and quietly breathe inhaling for 4 and exhaling for 8. Place one hand on your heart and one on the womb as you feel the breath traveling in and out.

2. Sit with the feelings and allow them to come up, stop avoiding them. Set a time where you can just sit in nature and take your journal with you. Acknowledge how far you have come. write these feelings down as they come up and allow them to flow.

3. If you are feeling stuck you could be experiencing energy blockages It could be that you need to do some work on a particular chakra. Identify where you are feeling blocked write it down and then commit to finding a series of practices to balance that chakra even if its a 5-minute mediation before bed.

4. Chanting mantras can help so much It is thought to release positive energy and decrease negative thinking maybe recite OM or I recommend ‘Om gam ganapatye namaha‘ the chang to lord Ganesha the clearer of obstacles - if you are working with blockages this mantra is known to help remove them.

5. Essential oils help so much as they effect the limbic system and this is where our emotions and trauma are stored. If we consistently use oils they can help us release patterns that keep us stuck. I recommend Bergamot the oil of self-acceptance or lavender the oil of communication or rose to oil of divine love and work with daily.

Once you get to the root of what is blocking you the clarity will come and you can start to make small changes and re-evaluate your goals to help you achieve your dreams and get back in flow.

Thanks for reading my blog

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Hugs Kate

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