As I write this blog, it´s scorching here in Ibiza and it´s even hotter in the UK! What better time to share some top summer tips. How to stay cool, healthy & well in mind, body and spirit during the heat of August!

Tip #1 Find time for Yoga

Find time for your practise! If you have kids then mornings might be about them, If you can´t get a morning practise why not grab a 20-30 minute practise in the afternoon when it´s too hot outside or do a mini practise before bed. I recommend investing in a small yoga towel they are also great to use on holiday and they are easy to pack and if you do studio class you can place on the mats (Yogabum are great and cool colours too)

For inspiration with yoga practises I have lots of pre recorded classes for my community

Kate´s Yoga Tribe link below & in my Bio

Tip #2 Stay Cool

Make a peppermint face spritz using doterra oils. My cooling spray is a MUST have. I keep it the fridge.

Recipe = 100 ml spray bottle, mix 25 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of lavender with a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil and they fill up with distilled water and pop in spray bottle and keep in the fridge or the cooler bag shake and spray. Love it on the back of the neck or on my face (peppermint also great with ice water for feet if really hot)

Tip #3 Hydration

Stay hydrated - I know it sounds obvious but so many of us are not getting enough water and it is crucial to help regulate body temperature, to keep joints lubricated to deliver nutrients to cells to keep organs functioning and so much more. I start and end the day with a pint of water. Make sure you always take water with you to the beach and have a glass by your side or on your desk if working to remind you (I love to add doterra lemon oil to my water)

Tip #4 Nutrition

BBQ and picnic season is truly here! it´s important to remember to stay on top of your nutrition and try and eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. I recommend stocking up with frozen fruit & veg too (frozen spinach is great) If your energy is low and everyone is eating ice creams you can make a lovely berry frozen smoothie and get a healthy sugar fix. I try and adhere to the 70:30 rule and be healthy 70% of the time! (Check my instagram for inspiration I love smoothies and have one daily, I add doterra oils to them)

Tip #5 Supplementation

Supplementation is key! Even if you are really healthy & eat organic all the time the depletion in modern soil means that we are not getting the same level of nutrients that our grandparents were. My choice for supplements are the doterra lifelong vitality pack, they are all you need in one place & have a 30 day money back guarantee (if you don’t like them you can send back and get a full refund) If you would like to learn more please watch out class on the topics section on

Kate´s Oily tribe link below & in my Bio

Tip #6 Skin care

Skin Protection - Use sunscreen and remember to cover up and avoid the harmful midday sun. Please choose a natural sunscreen as they are often full of chemicals that not only mess with your hormones but are also really damaging for the sea life too – chose a natural reef safe brand. I recommend the brands Badger & Jason they are great natural brands. Alternatively you could try making your own, I have a video on my group Kate´s Oily tribe (link in bio) under the topic of DIY Body Butter, it´s easy and fun & a lot cheaper to make your own.

Tip #7 Mindfulness

Find time for mindfulness & meditation every day even if it´s 5 minutes it relieves stress and lowers blood pressure and even supports our digestion. Don’t forget to pack your headphones if going on holiday. You can weave into your day even listen to a 5 minute mediation while laying by the pool or on a walk in nature. Here is one for you to try.on you tube (so many on there)

Tip #8 Haircare

Look after your locks - My hair goes frizzy and dry in the summer but recently I was gifted a leave in conditioner, all made using doterra products! It works a treat and is totally natural. Here is a fab recipe (you can swap out the glycerine and use doterra conditioner instead) My hair has never been so soft and frizz free!

Tip #9 Sleep

Sleep is key to being healthy as it´s the time when the body heals. If we are not getting enough sleep it affects every bodily system. It´s not always easy in the summer when the nights are lighter. I have just started taking doterra Serenity soft gels and using Cederwood essential oil on my feet. I swear by an eye mask too (especially if staying somewhere new on a holiday don’t forget to pack) Chill out this August have more lay-ins and listen to your body - rest is good!

Tip #10 Inspiration

I love to listen to books and subscribe to Audible, it is a must for the summer and they do a free trial so give it a go on your holiday! It makes me read new books and get inspired and I love to listen to in my car too. They have so much choice from positive mindset books to thrillers. I recommend these two great holiday reads - Mythos by Stephen Fry & Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Thanks for reading my blog

Big Hugs

Kate xx

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