10 Reasons We All Need to Cleanse!

I have been cleansing for the whole of June YIKES! I thought I would share my experience and why its so beneficial to cleanse!!!.

So why did I decide to cleanse?

I am not going to lie to you.... I ate too much during lock down, I was loving baking and then eating ALL of my baked goods (especially banana bread it´s so yummy) This left me with some excess weight and I had my first painful period in a long time. I know was connected to the amount of sweet stuff I was eating. This was a great wake up call & demonstrated how my indulgence was effecting my body! I have worked hard to balance my hormones naturally and the last thing I want is to return to those painful period days!

I made simple changes in my diet giving up refined sugar, wheat, dairy.

My diet has consisted of a smoothie, salads, lots of roasted veggies to support my sugar cravings and brown rice. I did the doTERRA cleanse and restore because I have done it before with AMAZING results. This supplement based cleanse is unique, it´s not just about cleansing it´s about preparing and restoring the body too - I have had some terrible experiences with cleanse´s in the past (I will save that for another blog) Researching and choosing the right cleanse for you is key.

Why is is great to cleanse here are MY top 10!

1.Reduce toxic load

No matter how healthy you are toxicity builds up in the body and comes from everywhere toxic chemicals in cleaning products you use in the home, the sun (radiation), pollution from environment, pesticides on food, toxins in skincare products – All of these build up in the body so its key to deep clean your body.

2. Glowing skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs 60% of what we put on it. If you don’t recognise ingredients then our body won´t either. It is key to switch to natural products that are toxin free. However, the real glow comes from within, gut health is key to clearing up skin issues that plague us !So cleanse to get that beautiful skin.

2. Bye bye fatigue

This specific cleanse is not just about clearing out the weeds! It´s also about re-setting and re balancing and filling your body with multi vitamins and nutrients that promote cell renewal. The energy shift that this cleanse gives us is truly un believable. I noticed massive shifts in my energy.

3. Lose excess weight

Toxins live in our fat cells and this can cause weight gain, If like me you have been eating some foods that have resulted in a little extra weight then a cleanse is the way forward to shift that stubborn weight.

4. Hormone balance

Flooding the body with lots of healthy organic foods helps to balance our hormones. This cleanse is not about cutting out a food group but about supporting the body to get back into balance. I love the fact that is it supplement based and these multi vitamins and minerals and nutrients are giving us what we need.

5 Brain Fog

So many of us suffer from brain fog the vitamins in this cleanse during the restorative phase of this cleanse give us so much energy!

6. Sleep

Gut health has a massive impact on sleep I love the fact that this cleanse includes digestive enzymes and Probiotics to support our gut and re-populate with good bacteria.

7. Boost immunity

Our GI tract is responsible for 70% of our immunity is in the gut so if we can get this right it naturally gives us a boost to support us stay healthy.

8. Supports our emotions

Our gut is our second brain and massively effects the way we feel. Gut health has been linked to depression too - so looking after our gut is key to feeling happy.

8. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a key factor that can lead to disease in the body so it´s really important to address it both with our food by moving and with the supplementation.

9. Reduce signs of ageing

When we are cleansing and drinking lots of water and nourishing our bodies this helps us feel and look younger. The supplements included further help support the body from ageing someone said I looked 5 years younger so all GOOD.

10. Strengthen your mind inviting & feel good too!

Cleansing is so great for the mind as it teaches us discipline and self control and shows us how strong we are to overcome cravings and feed ourselves the best food we can to be healthy.

I am glad that I managed to do this 30 days. I am now implementing these practises into my lifestyle. I feel great, full of energy and I´m hopefully glowing from the inside out.

We will be doing this cleanse again as a community this October, if you want to join us get in touch with me via my social links (at end of blog)

I would love to invite you to join my doTERRA essential oils community link below too or comment on this blog too. I fyou want to get started with the oils shout me too and I will help you get started on this beautiful journey.

Kate xx

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