10 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

It was over 10 years ago I attended my first yoga retreat here in Ibiza. I still remember the way it made me feel ....so totally FREE. It was so liberating not to have to answer to anyone, to not have to make decisions for a whole week, to have everything done for me. It is SO rare in our busy modern lives to be able to truly switch off and be looked after. To be in the company of like minded souls. I remember being so nervous about coming away alone and lots of my UK friends thought it was a bit weird. I can honestly say it was the best and most liberating thing I have ever done.

So here are 10 reasons everyone needs to go on a yoga retreat;

1. You will arrive at a beautiful villa in a fabulous destination knowing that the only decisions that you need to make are what treatments you are going to have. There are not many holidays where you can be totally looked after.

2. You can immerse yourself in yoga and take your practise to a whole new level. Often you only get a limited time to practise a retreat allows you to go much deeper. A retreat is a time to really deconstruct your practise working on different yoga postures and themes each day.

3. You will gain new perspectives. When you are away from our familiar surroundings and your families you have space to see things differently and observe some of your own patterns.

4. Meditation and mindfulness is the key to a happy life and the purpose of yoga is to prepare us for deeper meditation. Yoga retreats allow more time for meditating and experimenting with different styles of meditation.

5. You will relax and de stress. As soon as you arrive you will feel better and I can often see they lines start to disappear on people’s faces and the look of youth return as all of the stress melts away and you let go of any tension in mind and body.

6. Digital detoxification. We encourage limiting the amount of time you are online and wifi use on our retreat as this is so key to shutting off completely and un plug.

7. Being cooked beautiful food and not having to make it yourself. One of my favourite things at retreat is watching everyone get inspired by the food...it’s SO important on a retreat that the food is lovely and looks great!

8. You will make new friends. I count some of my best friends as those I met at retreat 10 years ago. You go through a journey together that bonds you and being away from your regular routine tends to make you open up and share.

9. You will get lots of me time. Often we put everyone else first and forget about our needs and wants. A retreat is a time for you to have lots of ME time, to read, to chill by the pool, to contemplate, to have time to re assess yourself care and think.

10. A retreat is so much more that just yoga, it’s so much more that just meditation, and it’s a truly wonderful experience of learning and self discovery. A retreat is a little bit of magic that everyone needs in their lives and I promise you will not regret it.

If you would like to come along to one of my retreats which are being held in Ibiza;

Inspired Goddess Retreat 1-7 June

Awaken the Wild Women 7-13 September

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Big Love

Kate (The Yoga Sanctuary Ibiza)


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