Summer Melon Detox

So I’m not going to lie I’ve been eating pretty badly lately...what a yoga teacher eating badly YES we are human. OK let me explain...I have had friends and family staying so I’ve been eating out too much and eating way to much bread which does not agree with me. As a result everything I eat seems to bloat me. I’ve had a cold and cough for what seems like ages now and I´m also struggling to get up in the morning and feeling a little sluggish....I´m also peri menopausal my periods are irregular, which is so annoying as I feel like im controlled by my hormones and feel pre menstrual often.

Fasting is not just about weight loss or feeling light its also a spiritual practice that in almost all faiths is implemented. In ancient times people often fasted to show homage to a particular god or faith, its thought that fasting strengthens the mind as well as cleanses the body and also helps us have empathy for others who do not have food and show gratitude for what we have.

Once I started researching, I realised many types of melon cleanse from a one day cleanse to a twenty one day – there are so many options to chose from follow your intuition. I have opted for a 3 day water melon cleanse as its easy and they are plentiful at the moment in Ibiza and I love them so makes sense.

These juicy fruits are packed with health benefiting nutrients comprising of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they literally are like little digestive cleaners.

Here are 10 reasons you need Melons in your life,

1. Anti- Cancer Properties:

The high content of carotenoids in melon fruit can prevent cancer and lower the risk of lung cancer.

2. Heart Health:

An anticoagulant called adenosine present in melon fruit can stop the clotting of blood cells which causes stroke or heart disease. Melons lower the risk of heart disease by smoothing the blood in the body

3. Cures Kidney Disease:

The excellent diuretic properties of melon are beneficial in curing kidney disease. Regular consumption of melons every day in the morning helps in maintaining kidney health.

4. Digestive Health:

If you have digestive problems, you can try eating melons to facilitate smooth and easy bowel movement..

5. Energy Booster:

Most melons contain B vitamins which account for most of your body’s energy production. B vitamins are required by your body to process sugars and carbs.

6. Weight Loss:

Like most other fruits, melons are ideal for weight loss. These fruits are low in sodium and calories as well as fat and cholesterol free. The high water content can keep you full for longer while the natural sweetness curbs your cravings for sugary foods and high calorie sweets.

Skin Benefits of Melon

Melons are not only great for your health; their nutritional value makes them beneficial for skin as well.

7. Maintains Healthy Skin:

One of the amazing benefits of melon is that it contains collagen which maintains the integrity of the cell structure in all connective tissues including skin. It also speeds up wound healing and maintains skin firmness.

8. Anti- Aging Benefits:

Melons like honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon can tone your skin and provide anti-ageing benefits due to the presence of vitamins A, B and C.

9. Promotes Hair Growth:

Melons, particularly, cantaloupes are a good source of beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A inside the body. This vitamin A is vital for healthy hair and normal hair growth.

10. Prevents Hair Loss:

Deficiencies in B vitamins are also responsible for causing hair loss. Melons like cantaloupes are rich in B vitamins like folic acid and inositol which help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

What I ate (easiest shopping list in the world):

Water Melon (best to stick to one kind for the day don’t mix) eat seeds too – if you can get organic or locally produced

Water all kinds (fizzy and still)

Fresh Lemon is amazing so good for you I have one a day

Herbal teas (no green)

I used essential oils too Lemon – lime and wild orange and a blend called Smart and Sassy which is a metabolic blend in my water. I used digestzen on my tummy on the first day as felt bit gassy I blended with carrier oils and massaged onto my tummy. I used balance and lavender to balance my moods and Cederwood for sleep as love this one and helps with deep sleep.

Day 1 ...let’s begin!

Not the best start sliced my watermelon to realise it was not a watermelon at all and was in fact a Cantaloupe.....feeling a bit disheartened Im carrying on and making best of it.

Started my day with water and lemon as one of the best ways to start your day. Mornings are a great time to really get your water in and drink as much as can.

Ate my first Melon meal at 10:30am sliced a big bowl of it. Tasted good and satisfied me loads and drank more water and lemon.

Did some work then had a herbal tea and chilled out, it’s important to take time out of your diary when you cleanse. If you work fulltime I would recommend doing day 1 & 2 over the weekend so only have to do day 3 at work.

Had lunch more melon at 1 followed by a melon icy smoothy – melon ice and water, which was actually really good. It got to 16:00 and I realised not been loo!!! properly yet and thought would loads....keep getting little headache twinges and feeling a bit icky just a bit off not really sure what do with myself can´t concentrate on anything hence thought I’d write this to stop me thinking of melon.

Did some restorative detox yoga which helped loads found video on you tube as cannot think myself (concentration crap mind jumpy)

Evening was hardest not really hungry just mentally feeling crap shit when know you CAN´T eat nice food!!!I literally could not face more melon so hardly ate post 6....decided to watch stuff to spur me on so watched great documentary called Fat, Sick and nearly dead all about juicing was great. Gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going.

Day 2 Mentally the middle day is hard....

Queenie my dog woke at 7:30 same as my alarm clock....I snoozed for a minute once then got up applied my balance essential oil on my feet and walked dogs...lately not been able to get up easily felt so heavy so that is amazing was able to get up and don’t feel at all sluggish.

Warm lemon water (fresh and a drop of lemon essential oil too) to start the day and for the first time in a while feeling inspired to write so started this blog.

Still had loads of Cantaloupe melon left but decided to buy watermelon today and switch as prefer the taste of watermelon.

Recorded a mini detox flow ( please find it on my group Kate’s Yoga and Oily Tribe (in groups on the yoga sanctuary Ibiza)

Day 3- the end is in sight...

Got up much easier today actually jumped out of bed before my alarm for the first time in ages (whoop whoop)! Did the early morning dog walk followed by my practise and journaling and feeling great....and happy my morning routine is coming on nicely.

Decided today to start detoxing my house today and clear some old stuff out. I got together a big for charity and felt really good to get rid of old stuff for me feels good to clear spiritually, physically and environmentally to create a new fresh start. Giving to others good for the soul to.

I’m pleased to say day 3 no headaches, no icky feeling , just every now and when I smell food from cafe over road and think ahhhh id like that....the mental giving up of food is actually far harder than the physical, im not hungry at all just want to taste food.

So tonight I made my boyfriend a lovely dinner and was literally salivating id say hardest times on this are dinner times. I think I have thought of eating since 4pm it’s now 20:00 evenings are just shit without a nice meal and I am truly meloned out!

I done it, it’s over I’ve officially completed my MELON FAST.

I’m feeling great my tummy feels flatter and I have loads of energy and it was not actually that hard, here are my top tips for fasting,

Here are my before and after pics,

Here are my Top 10 tips for fasting

  1. Plan it well do it when not working – I actually think day 2 and 3 worse than day 1 (so determined day 1 was not so bad) but I was head achy day 1...ideally take 3 days off

  2. Let loved ones know you may be hangry and try and find things to do to occupy yourself around meal times (evening hard for me) If you can get them doing it too

  3. Plan stuff that requires no energy or thought – for me walking in the woods and Netflix have saved me - I watched fat, sick and nearly dead - first night a documentary all about juicing helped me. I found it hard to concentrate so even reading a bit hard but audible good.

  4. Accept that the next three evenings are going to be crap and know this is only temporary and you are doing your body so much good, find a quote of saying that resonates with you and have handy.

  5. Take photos so you can see the changes happening – we are often harsh on ourselves so the pics help spur you on (front and side view as I have done ideally in same place and same light)

  6. Do yoga and meditate & chant this really helps you stay centred there are lots of sequences on you tube that are great for detoxing, id take it easy with restorative of slow hatha as don’t want to over do it.

  7. Set and intention and write it down, why are you doing this how are you going to keep clean after it – maybe keep a journal or write a blog like me to track your thoughts

  8. Scrub with a mitt or brush we really want to take the dead skin away as we flush so many toxins from the skin

  9. Plan pampering things maybe a lovely massage or treat at the end of your fast so you can focus on (I’m having reflexology tomorrow and can´t wait)

  10. Drink lots of water even though melon is hydrating still make sure drink lots of lemon water

Final thoughts – I really recommend this cleanse! for me it’s meant I can get up easily and really solidify my morning routine which is so important to creating success. We are so much stronger than we think and when we fast we get that real sense of inner strength and clarity. I’m eating really clean again now and have cut out wheat, sugar and coffee for good this time! I’m going to fast more regularly as I think it’s an essential part of my spiritual and physical wellbeing. Love your comments and thoughts and if you are fasting please connect with me tell me how you got on.

Please follow my on facebook and join my private group (found on theyogasanctuaryibiza groups) Kates Yoga and Oily Tribe or if your pregnant or a new mum join my mummy community - kates baby tribe


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