Transformation - Death & Birth

Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom

John Mark Green

For those of you that have attended my classes or workshops or retreats you will know that I love a story and one of my favourite stories is that of Kali the goddess of birth and death. She represents that fierceness we need from time to time to get through challenging times, the goddess we call in when we need to dig deep to find our inner power. The goddess of of transformation of letting go of the old & moving toward the new. She represents those battles we often have to endure to move from the shadow to the light.

Om Namo Kali Kali Om Namo

4 years ago on the 27th June I lost my sister, she was everything to me and was the matriarch of our family. Everything changed...I could no longer do the job I had done for many years. I was unable to cope with the daily pressures that such a high powered role required. I was not sure how to go on and the only thing that I was able to do was teach yoga, my body felt stiff and sore from grief & my self practise died...I would just lay on my mat and cry. Everything changed. I wanted to run away and have a new life as everything reminded me that my sister.

I had been coming to Ibiza for years and always loved it...something about it was so special and really connected with my heart & soul– so after a week on holiday here in 2015 ... I had a FUCK it moment and we made a decision that would change everything to move out here.

In June 2015 we moved to Ibiza. It was so scary and I often wondered why i chose to come live somewhere where there are so many amazing yoga teachers. I was not really sure how I would make money here and where to start. I decided that a baby would maybe heal some wounds, so embarked on a journey of IVF (endometriosis had left my tubes to scarred to conceive naturally) This failed and I realised very quickly that birthing a human was not my path and had no desire to try again. Im happy that we were able to have this opportunity to try but Im also so grateful I was I able to let it go and accept my path. We are not all meant to be baby mummies (I am a mummy to 3 wonderful dogs hence I say HUMAN)

One day in March 2017 before my Vinyasa class I got a message from a pregnant girl Sophie who was 7 weeks pregnant asking if she could come to the class (I was teaching classes for a PT on the Island) I said no as too early and the same day at that same class I felt need to ask if anyone pregnant and Hayley put up here hand and was 7 weeks pregnant. I let her stay in the class as baby number two and had a regular practise.

They then asked if I would set up a pregnancy class and the rest is history we found a group of committed mummys to be to join us, and the class has grown from there – creating a beautiful little community of mums (one of the best things about teaching pregnancy is seeing the friendships blossom and mums support each other). I also teach mummy and baby yoga & love seeing the babies grow in mum’s tummies and then meeting them at class and getting to know them and have lots of lovely cuddles and laughs with them.

I truly love being able to support mums and teach them yoga that they can use in pregnancy and labour. It´s such an honour to be able to share this special time and proved words of wisdom and encouragement. I never realised how satisfying it could be or that I would be good at it. So Ive decided to take it a step further and am about to embark on a new journey as a doula. I start my training tomorrow and am truly honoured to be embarking on this new chapter supporting new life and light emerge into the world and being able to serve.

In these four years I have experience death and pain and transformation and love and light so intensely that wanted to share my journey with you all.

Kate xx

If you would like to connect please message me at theyogasanctuaryibiza@gmail

Love you to join me private community - Kates Yoga & Oily Tribe

Next Retreat 16-21 September in Ibiza message me for details and prices and photos

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