How to beat the overwhelm with yoga

I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now and as my 45th year on this earth approaches feels like the right time as I have been experiencing these feelings for a while and sure many of you have too. Firstly, I truly am grateful for my life and my health (and really don’t want to trivialise the hardships some of you have) I know I have a good life.

I love what I do, I live in a beautiful place with the man I love, I walk on the beach with my dogs everyday and am surrounded by wonderful people.... but even if my life is pretty great, I sometimes get down and yes I sit with my head in my hands wondering where to start, burning the midnight oil and responding to messages way past bed time.

I always start the week with a plan of some kind but needless to say this often gets put aside as more pressing things arise and then my plan gets shifted to the next week.

I think the situation is compounded here in Ibiza as we go from very little work in the winter to this extreme seasonal work. Often we are given very little notice for a job and you have to drop everything to go do it, there is a definite fear of saying NO to work here in Ibiza. The problem is if we cannot say no then we do not protect our own boundaries which can often lead to us feeling over whelmed, saying NO to someone else is saying yes to you!

Technology is an amazing tool but if we are not in control of IT... it can be all consuming and literally take over! Social media is in some respects a reality of the modern yoga teacher´s life. It is a useful tool for promoting classes and retreats. However, it is so easy to get drawn in to it and it can further create overwhelm.

So how can yoga support us when we are feeling overwhelmed?

-Yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies and witness what may not feel right

-Teaches us to relax & breathe fully and deeply

-The word Yoga means union it brings our mind, body and spirit into a state of union again

-Yoga teaches us to slow down and be mindful and observe our thoughts

-The essence of yoga is love and kindness to all living creatures and this includes US often we put everyone before ourselves, are you kind to yourself?

-Often we get attached to old thoughts and feelings, we create STORIES of who we are? Do these attachments really serve us?

So if like me you sometimes feel overwhelmed is a short practise to do to help you chill & fight the felings of overwhelm ...enjoy!

Let´s start with our foundation the breath sit in a comfy position maybe on a little cushion with crossed legs and start to inhale for 4 and exhale for 4 (Sama Vritti Pranayama) do 7 – 10 rounds of this breathing it is great to calm the monkey mind.

Here is a little sequence which is an antidote to the overwhelm - I invite you to stay in each pose for as long as feels good for your body....

Childs pose – give yourself permission to take a break and tune into yourself. Childs pose helps us to connect within and leave the world outside and take some precious minutes of me time

Wheel pose

Often when we feel overwhelmed we can feel heavy hearted and these poses that help us open our hearts can really support and lighten the heart and teach us to connect to this sacred space for ourselves.

Legs up the wall pose with a bolster (you can use a pillow if no bolster)

This is such a healing and restorative pose really gives you a reset, when we invert we give the brain and all the organs fresh oxygen. This pose really gives our body everything we need and can help us shift perspective and see a negative as a positive.


This is the ultimate pose of letting go and surrendering, we realise we are being breathed and are ultimately not in control so need to let go and go with the flow.

Big love Kate x

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