10 Tips To Reduce Toxicity in Your Home.

So many of us are struggling with hormonal imbalances & health issues have you ever wondered why? Unfortunately our homes and the products we apply every single day could be causing us harm!

The chemicals in our home including our cleaning products, makeup, our toiletries are wreaking havoc with our health and hormones.

It’s estimated there are 62 toxic chemicals reside in the average home. Women use over 100 chemicals every day in our self-care products and some can even make us gain weight (look up Obesogens!)

10 Tips To Reduce Toxicity In Your Home:

1. First of all, don’t panic or feel overwhelmed and start small start one room at a time. You do not have to throw everything away, just make a note of it and when you have finished that product replace it with a less toxic version.

2. Become conscious of what you have in your home and start to look at the ingredients & look them up. I recommend downloading a free app like YUKA as it's so easy to use and It rates the toxicity of products and rates.

3. Artificial fragrance products like plugins and unnatural candles are very toxic these often contain Phthalates, anything labelled as fragrance is a big no no, it's an umbrella term for toxins. Consider replacing toxic air fresheners with a diffuser and doTerra essential oils which naturally clean the air.

4. Dust can be harmful to our health as toxins migrate out of everyday products and into the air and then settle in the dust which we then breathe in. Ensure you hoover carpets & under the bed and your mattress too.

5. Makeup is not an easy one, but there are so many nasties in our make up once you start scanning you will be shocked. Beware of Waterproof/Water-resistant and Long-lasting products as these are some of the worst offenders. Research cleaner brands (I uploaded an article on Kate’s Oily Tribe listing clean UK brands)

6. Toiletries can also be toxic. It's the daily use that causes the problems and affects our health in the long term. Look out for Parabens & Mineral oil a derivative of petrol. Avoid deodorants containing aluminium (you have to look at ingredients they still sneak it into natural variants) Swap out cleansers for oil cleansing with almond oil and tea tree and consider replacing creams with an essential oil-infused blend. Create your own face serums using Jojoba and essential oils.

7. Cleaning products are full of harmful chemicals like ammonia & bleach, sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde. It is so easy to switch to green and it's cheap too, you just need white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils and you can totally switch these around. Join us at our team gathering on Tuesday 7th September (link at the end of blog to register) where we are sharing our favourite green cleaning recipes.

8. In Your kitchen look at how you store your food and switch from plastic to glass and also what you wrap your food in if it contacts BPA then make the switch to waxed wraps. Look at the water you use and consider investing in a filter. If you are using tap water as if often contacts toxic chemicals and although deemed safe it's not pure.

9. Fire retardants that are used on our sofas and beds are very toxic and are known to be hormone disrupters consider getting a mattress topper or covering the sofa with throws to avoid them getting into contact with your skin and if you can replace them even Ikea sell flame-retardant-free furniture now.

10. Washing your clothes in detergent could also be affecting your health think how much contact your clothes and bedsheets have with your body every day. Look out for 1,4 Dioxane this has been linked to malignant tumours. Maybe its time to make a switch. Doterra does a fabulous On Guard detergent that is clean and toxin-free.

If you are on our doTerra team then we have a Green Cleaning Themed Monthly Team Gathering on Tuesday the 7th of September where we will be sharing recipes. The link to join is in my September newsletter (subscribe below).

If you want to go a little deeper in reducing toxicity in your life, a great place to start is a cleanse. In October will be running our twice-yearly 30-day community cleanse and restore. We would love to invite you to join us. If you would like to know more, please reach out as we will be running a class in September to explain the benefits of this particular cleanse.

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