Finding a practice that workes specifically on my hormones has changed my life. Its such a unique style I love it. 
Barbara (Lawyer) 
I have struggled with hormone imbalance since I got my periods at 15.  Irregular bleeds led to the birth control pill that then led to a whole host of other issues including PCOS, fibroids, suspected Endometriosis, severe PMT and period pain and scarred blockd fallopian tubes and infertility. 

In 2015 when I moved to Ibiza I realized I needed to heal.  I made some huge lifestyle changes and introduced essential oils into my life.  I  also did a lot of womb connecting and healing. 

However, I did not always feel that my flow practice supported all of my needs as my body changed throughout the month. The perimenopause started and I felt even less connected to my usual practice.

I started to look for something new and I found hormone therapy yoga. A very different style that is mainly seated and laying I instantly saw differences in my cycle and knew I wanted to teach this.  It's relaxing but also powerful and energizing.

Hormone Yoga is like nothing you've experienced before.  Kate gently guides you through deeply awakening & clearing practices.  It felt like a detox for my womb. Loved it.
Kelly Morgan (Activator of the divine feminine coach)